Accredited Quality

We are proud of the quality Fuyao products have achieved with the following quality standards:
CCC – China
DOT – North America
ECE – Europe
JIS – Japan
KS – Korea
SABS – South Africa
AS/NZS 2080:2006

These have been achieved with the following Quality Management Systems:

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AS-1 M-678 | AS-1 M-688 | AS-1 M-848 | AS-1 M-854 | AS-1 M-858 | AS-1 M-868 | AS-3 M-532AS-2 M-535 | AS-2 M-550 | AS-3 M-1232 | DOT AS-3 M-540 | DOT-459 AS-1 M-863 | SABS APPROVED | DOT-459 AS-3 M-1235 | DOT-459 AS-3 M-1240 | DOT-459 AS-3 M-1250 |  DOT-459 AS-3 M-1860 | DOT-459 AS-3 M84138 | E4-43R01-08-1454-02 | DOT-459 AS-2 M-550 |